Grażka Lange
  • Tako
    Toruń 2015
    idea, design, illustrations: Grażka Lange
    anthology of texts
    170 × 170 mm
    72 pages
    ISBN: 978-83-62737-73-4

A masterpiece of graphic design. The idea for this book, a real silva rerum, originated in the author’s collecting passion. Her concept of a volume devoted to the city as a multi-component entity was carefully developed in a Chinese box structure. On the surface of the folded pages we can see a packaged world: lids, covers, etuis, holders. These promises-surprises, when unfolded, reveal their treasures: photos of miscellaneous collections, from expensive silver sugar tongs to bread labels, from private locks of hair to official stamps, from the aesthetic asceticism of drab paperboard rail tickets to the colourful exuberance of kitschy Barbie accessories. The rhythmic compositions of objects are intriguing in themselves, and together they aptly render the complex character of the capital city’s cultural tissue.

- Anita Wincencjusz-Patyna, PS IBBY

Book of the year 2015 Graphic Distinction / Illustrations