Baroness Late Autumn

Miłka Malzahn
  • Wydawnictwo HOMINI
    Bydgoszcz 2001
    218 x 161
    153 pp
    ISBN 83-87933-06-6

Where did the idea for this book come from? "It all began with a dream," says Milka Malzahn, "Some Croatians were sitting round a big oak table drinking wine. Outside the window there was a garden; a woman in a taffeta dress was running through it. In her hands she carried some asparagus." This was the inspiration behind this collection of poetic prose, which are reminiscent sometimes of a film script, sometimes of a philosophical essay, and sometimes of notes scribbled down on serviettes in a café...

"This is a world whose climate may be woven of the glance of a cat, the colour of a cup, the dust on the fittings, just as well as from human reactions." (Gazeta Wyborcza)

"The subject of Mahlzahn's book is woman, or more precisely the woman's way of looking at the world." (Robert Ostaszewski)

Milka Mahlzahn (b. 1971) graduated in Philosophy from Torun University; she is a poet, vocalist, and writer of song lyrics, short stories, and plays.