Michał Witkowski
  • Wydawnictwo Zielona Sowa
    Kraków 2001
    144 x 204
    94 pages
    ISBN 83-7220-247-8

Michal Witkowski's debut volume of short stories tells of the youthful illusions of a young man from the European provinces, which are awakened by the glittering world of consumerism. The hero slowly matures as he becomes acquainted with the mythical West (from Chewing-Gum Donald to Hotel Victoria, which epitomises of luxury) and gradually loses his illusions in the process. The world, which to begin with is observed through the enthusiastic eyes of a child, changes on closer acquaintance into the hell of pop culture.

"The book is really a pleasure to read and is amusing as well. It has the kind of humour which I love." (Olga Tokarczuk)