Encyclopaedia Erotica

Ewa Kuryluk
Encyclopaedia Erotica
  • Wydawnictwo Sic!
    Warszawa 2001
    110 x 200
    216 pages
    ISBN 83-86056-99-1

This time Ewa Kuryluk displays her prowess as a translator of correspondence, from and to Roland Barthes, which came into her hands in mysterious circumstances. It is an intimate correspondence, which documents the 20th century - an age of ideologies, suspicions, and undercover agents who set erotic traps for political adversaries. The heroes of one of the book's most fascinating themes are Michel Foucault and Karol Kuryluk, the author's father, who was Minister of Culture in Gomulka's Communist government, and their extraordinary meeting in the Lazienki Park in Warsaw after 1956 - along with the political and erotic consequences neither of them had expected.