Hot Breath of the Desert

Gustaw Herling-Grudziński
Hot Breath of the Desert
  • Czytelnik
    Warszawa 1997
    130 x 200
    ISBN: 83-07-02543-5

"In the stories from 1993-1995 collected in this volume, Gustaw Herling-Grudzinski continues in the metaphysical vein begun years ago in his story Wieza (The Tower). He pays a great deal of attention to the human condition. He has always been fascinated by the nooks and crannies of the human soul, and has challenged its "dark" sides. Yet even where the author describes the "stunningly lovely face of evil," there is another, puzzling dimension in his work that transcends secular reality. Herling-Grudzinski often repeats Dostoyevsky's remark that "it is impossible to live without hope." If Herling's vision of human fate sometimes seems overly pessimistic or even horrifying, as in the stories in The Hot Breath of the Desert or Prochy (Ashes), the candle of hope never burns out. It may be weak, guttering and barely visible, but it exists. The reader's sensitivity and perceptiveness determine whether that hidden light will be noticed." (Zdzislaw Kudelski)

"Life as shown by Herling is always life on the border of the Last Things. Man stands eye to eye with his own fate and with infinity. And who knows if man, in this titanic struggle with fate and its sentences, is not in fact the greater." (Maciej Krassowski)