Stone, rime

Ryszard Krynicki
Stone, rime
  • Wydawnictwo a5
    Kraków 2004
    145 x 210
    111 pages
    ISBN 83-85568-72-7
    Translation rights: Ryszard Krynicki

Stone, rime is Krynicki’s first volume to appear for many years. A leading poet of the ’68 Generation, he is also a major publisher of poetry. His short texts reflect the experiences of the child of a Nazi concentration camp prisoner. Just in case, the father teaches his child how to work in the woods and on the water as a way of surviving the next war. In Stone, rime there is a dominant atmosphere of worry and care concerning Europe of today, which is passed through as if in transit. The quest for intimacy continues - not just the love and calling of a wife, but also affection for animals and following research on the cosmos.

Małgorzata Baranowska


Oh yes, I’ve even been to Copenhagen.
To tell the truth I only set one foot there.
Was it on the way from London to Warsaw?
While waiting for my plane
I stood before an immense plate of glass
in the departure lounge
and stared into the invisible city,
even more inscrutable
than the until recently

dark side of the moon.


Blind? Deaf? Dumb?

It is.

Translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones