Book of Letters, The

Bruno Schulz
Book of Letters, The
  • Słowo/obraz terytoria
    Gdańsk 2002
    225 x 170
    374 pages
    16 illustrations
    ISBN 83-88560-34-4

The Book of Letters is the first complete edition of Schulz’s rediscovered correspondence, supplemented by the less numerous surviving letters written to him by his friends and colleagues, detailed commentaries, notes and illustrations. The editor of the book is Jerzy Ficowski, the leading expert on Schulz’s life and works. Schulz’s letters are valuable for several reasons. Firstly, they are a vital testimony to his highly emotional, most creatively inspiring relationships, and his deep involvement in searching for ”partners for revelatory adventures”, as he wrote in a letter to Tadeusz Breza. Secondly, in the wasteland left after the war and the murder of the Jewish race, they provide priceless biographical evidence, allowing us to piece together some of the facts of Schulz’s life and environment. Thirdly, they comprise a document of great literary value, especially as Schulz’s prose was derived from the poetic (but sadly not extant) letters he wrote to his girlfriend Debora Vogel. The Book of Letters also tells how the individual manuscripts were discovered and their collection gradually grew, thanks to Jerzy Ficowski’s investigative passion and detective skills. Savagely decimated by the war and the Holocaust, this volume of letters is one of the most important memorials in Polish epistolography.

- Jerzy Jarzębski