First Million: The Boys from Mielczarski Street

Marek Miller
  • Prószyński i S-ka
    Warszawa 1999
    163 x 234
    220 pages
    ISBN 83-7180-507-1

Warsaw, 1993. The boom on the Warsaw stock market is reaching its apogee. Three twenty-five-year-old friends from a courtyard on the outskirts of Warsaw have each made their first million dollars. They want to change the world. They have energy, talent, and a lot of money. They believe that economic knowledge is the best test of intelligence. This is a novel about the sudden coming of age of a generation and a country. The book is based on interviews that Marek Miller conducted after the 1993 boom with Warsaw stock-market players.

Marek Miller (b. 1951) is a sociologist and reporter who founded the Reportage Workshop, which has produced such works as a history of the Lodz Film School, in 1980.