Grzegorz Strumyk
  • Publisher: W.A.B.
    Warszawa 2002
    123 x 195
    264 pages
    ISBN 83-88221-88-4

Pigment is Grzegorz Strumyk’s most vivid book. The central character is a sculptor. He creates a monumental work that drives him to the edge of madness. Painting is to be his salvation from insanity. “You should paint. Don’t draw, and don’t sculpt, because you’ll see a person that you can’t stand”, advises his friend. Modelling people from clay, playing at God, is too heavy a burden for him. One night the hero destroys all his own sculptures and wantonly tramples about in the debris. He leaves the Academy of Fine Arts, and thus frees himself from the temptation to “play God”. Pigment is psychological prose based on the author’s view of the truth about mankind. By means of impressionistic variations, lyrical images and a compression of emotions the writer draws the portrait of a broken man struggling with his fate. Nothing in the hero’s life forms a harmonious whole, and chance events prey on him. Here we have an all-embracing inability to reach one’s goal in life, to capture the world through art. Only colour, pigment, may offer the hero a chance of salvation, a way of returning to normal society.

“This book is beautiful, strange and languid, every sentence takes you unawares and unsettles you - it’s unnerving to read. There’s nothing to be added to Pigment; it’s very compact, like a ball.” (Olga Tokarczuk)

Grzegorz Strumyk (b. 1958), writer, poet. He writes for renowned literary journals as well as being a painter and photographer.