Dorota Terakowska
  • Wydawnictwo Literackie
    Kraków 2000
    120 x 200
    322 pp
    ISBN 83-08-03094-7

Dorota Terakowska's latest novel demonstrates fascinatingly how the story of "Barbie and Ken's perfect world" can be transformed into a gripping contemporary tale of the slow process of realising one's own mistakes, about guilt, love and redemption. On the one hand, it is a well-told story of a family, in which a girl with Down's syndrome is born, but on the other it is an unusually lyrical, metaphysical piece of prose about the inner life of a sick child, about visions which are out of the ordinary, and which has an astonishing finish that does not offer any simple consolation. This literature is simultaneously untamed and poetic, which does not seek to dress up reality, human actions or reactions, which increases doubts and questions that should pain us all a little.