Insatiable Things

Andrzej Czcibor-Piotrowski
Insatiable Things
  • W.A.B.
    Warszawa 1999
    125 x 195
    256 pages
    ISBN 83-87021-78-4

This novel is about a boy maturing in the last few months before the Second World War broke out in 1939, when he was deported to Kazakhstan, together with his mother and brother. In Insatiable Things, memories, dreams and day-dreams are interwoven. The novel's theme is the dream of the perpetually insatiable Eros, who bids our narrator to feel desire and to yield to it totally in his fantasy. Czcibor-Piotrowski's novel is a paean to femininity, which is entirely unthreatening to the male environment.

"This is an unusually refined prose, sparkling with stylistic gems, sometimes parable, at other times metamorphosing into fairy tale; a prose full of linguistic inventiveness." (Dariusz Nowacki)

The book was nominated for the 2000 NIKE Award.

Andrzej Czcibor-Piotrowski (b. 1931), writer and poet, translator of Czech, Slovak and English literature. He has published nine volumes of poetry and the novel Asking for Anna.