Witold Horwath
  • W.A.B.
    Warszawa 1997
    123 x 195
    480 pages
    ISBN: 83-87021-27-X

The Performance is multi-layered prose, the narrative force recalling many works of American literature, especially Styron. It is the study of the long standing, unhappy love of a man for a femme fatale, the drama of a girl for whom beauty and sex appeal have become the element of psychological self-destruction, and at the same time the portrait of the generation born in the late 1950s, the squaring up with its way of life, with problems, relics. The backcloth to the novel is the Warsaw of the 1970s and 1980s, important political events, intellectual fashions, the landscape of snobby Mokotow and criminal Prague. "A novel like this is something totally new. Witold Horwath has created a great, many-themed story. He has seized in words what there is almost not to be seized - love for a femme fatale (...) and the man who loves her rediscovers step by step all the squalor and beauty of the world." (Tomasz Cichon, Zycie) "Witold Horwath's The Performance, is a novel about love as great as it is gloomy. A book that completely draws the reader." (Marcin Piasecki, Gazeta Wyborcza) "I closed the book after having read the last page but I hadn't finished it. I live in it, among the heroes, I'm stuck in its gloomy plot, glued with its psychopathic visions I really do not know if it is only a dream." (Piotr Adamczewski, Polityka)