Tomasz Węcławski
  • Znak
    Kraków 1997
    140 x 205
    284 pages
    ISBN: 83-7006-768-9

The computerisation of the world, despite the opinions of the doom mongers, has brought with it not simply dangers. The new ways of information transfer are able to create so far unimaginable possibilities - and here in our book the association of exegetes "meet" in the internet, there is something like a duel fought with the sect Children of the Light. Besides the enticing intrigue, Weclawski's book, written in a lively language, - at its second level - proposes a theology lecture which normally is the subject of study for young spiritual ... interneters! The book is connected to Jostein Gaarder's well known novel Sofia's World - notabene Sofia, in a magical way, appears equally on the pages of Network.