Dariusz Sośnicki
  • Biuro Literackie Port Legnica
    Legnica 2002
    144 x 202
    48 pages
    ISBN 83-88515-22-5

Symmetry appears in Sośnicki’s new poems in the most varied ways and usually gives uncomfortable answers to those seeking order. It often leaves behind something of an echo however, a certain aesthetic but also always ambiguous effect. We should not place too much emphasis on the assumptions arising form the laws of symmetry. He also does not appear to particularly trust the subject confronting him, resigning first from the chosen thread of the tale in favour of other, most paradoxical configurations of events which he passionately homes in on through the codes of reality to create an orderly antiepic whole. Reading Sośnicki’s poetry, one has the feeling that these somewhat detective-like conclusions on the subject of reality lack the most important information. The basic evidence for the existence of an order of tropes has been hidden from them and the symmetry that we constantly unearth on the road to epiphany is just coincidental.

- Joanna Orska

Dariusz Sośnicki (b. 1959), poet. He works as an editor of a publishing house and lives in Poznań. Symetria (Symmetry) is his fourth volume of poetry.