Thousand Paceful Cities

Jerzy Pilch
Thousand Paceful Cities
  • Puls Publications Ltd., Londyn 1997
    125 x 195
    182 pages
    ISBN: 1-8597-072-2

In his latest work, Pilch "goes home" to his father, his childhood, and the youth he spent in the Cieszyn region, which remains an island of protestantism in Catholic Poland. This is a story about the agonies of adolescence and the loss of a father. This is a novel about drinking and the sense of life in a world that is alien: to be a protestant in Poland means being different, to be a child means seeing the world differently.

"When Father and Mr. Traba decided to kill First Secretary Wladyslaw Gomulka, there was an unbroken heatwave and the world was trembling at its seams. That is when the torture of my youth began."

This is how A Thousand Peaceful Cities begins, a book in which the murder of Gomulka is described in all its details... "In the encounter with Pilch's text, the unprepared reader is threatened with overreading, or a temporary loss of control over his or her surroundings."

- Anna Nasilowska, Tygodnik Powszechny