Wiesław Myśliwski
  • Muza SA
    Warszawa 1996; 1998
    125 x 196
    600 pages
    ISBN: 83-7079-934-5

Wieslaw Mysliwski worked for about 10 years on Horizon, consisting of ten chapters, none of his previous works had been anything like as autobiographical, however, in describing his poor childhood, in describing the towns of his youth, Mysliwski behaves as if he was describing the whole world. The unflinching force of fate is shown through the case of one life. In life and the world the hero of Horizon does not have anything trashy because he has the consciousness to know that "fate is decided from the power of the graves of space". Horizon arouses epic momentum, the free art of utterance, the invention with which all techniques of narration are applied, convention, the stylistic pressure with which the main threads are drawn. Reading this book we become convinced that, despite the common belief, the novel has not died, the novel is possible, and the writer is by no means condemned to play with literary conventions.