Jerzy Sosnowski
  • W.A.B.
    Warszawa 2001
    130 x 201
    272 pages
    ISBN 83-88221-49-3

A novel about the search for lost time and the identity of the generation which was young during the Solidarity carnival and the beginning of Martial Law. The characters go back in their minds to August ’80 and analyse their youthful fascinations with Cortezar, the Bhagavadgita and rock music, and their involved relations with the Church. They succumb to the temptations of advertising and the media, but they never stop looking for the universal sense in these experiences. These stories of a generation contain a set of amazing incrustations: the figures of some of the early 20th-century eccentrics appear in them.

"This is one of the best books written in Poland in recent years." (Jerzy Jarzębski)

"Its atmosphere is reminiscent of Cortazar’s ‘Class Game’ - it is genuinely melancholic." (Mariusz Cieślik)