Andrzej Turczyński
  • Czytelnik
    Warszawa 2000
    124 x 196
    155 pages
    ISBN 83-07-02792-6

The story is told at a leisurely pace, allowing the reader to enjoy the beauty of the world which has been created by the author from selected elements of Immanuel Kant's life. However, it is not a biographical novel. The author of The Critique of Pure Reason merely serves as a distant precursor for the hero of Fatigue. The fragments of reality which have been chosen here have been augmented by conjecture and fictitious details, but they are so skilfully evocative of his time that we are compellingly given the feeling of entering into that world.

"Fatigue's outstanding quality is the creative lightheartedness with which the biographical facts of Kant's life and the theories postulated in his works are treated. It is not only the peculiar (but entirely relevant in the literary sense) composition of the work which is surprising, but also Fatigue's superb language and general stylistic richness. And although the book is of a modest length, it should not be overlooked.' (Dariusz Nowacki)

The book is nominated for the 2001 NIKE Award.