Amended Lives of the Saints

Zbigniew Mikołejko
Amended Lives of the Saints
  • W.A.B
    Warszawa 2000
    150 x 208
    400 pp
    ISBN 83-88221-4-2

What is the role the bones of the saints have played and now play for the people of Poland? What has been behind the pastel-tinted martyrdoms of the holy pictures? Why did so many of the Polish saints come from other nations and why has the Austrian Church sometimes been more important for them that the Vatican? This book is not made up of the conventional stories served in the Polish religious supermarket. It's a private sleuth-story in quest of the Polish saints and the figures of those who will never be canonised.

"Zbigniew Mikolejko is going to make a lot of enemies with this book. Written in a colourful and lively style, it's full of fruity quotes and steeped in commitment. But it breaks free from the traditional way of writing about the saints and - what's worse - about our Polish saints. For many it will be iconoclastic." (Adam Szostkiewicz)

Zbigniew Mikolejko (b. 1951), philosopher and religions historian, head of the Department of the Philosophy of Religion in the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.