Adventures of Little Suzanna, The

Jerzy Niemczuk
Adventures of Little Suzanna, The
  • Illustrated by Jolanta Marcolla
    Warszawa: Papirus 1995
    112 pages
    ISBN 83-86017-02-3
    © by Wydawnictwo Papirus

An unusually amusing fantastic tale described by its author as "a hell-raising adventure story for little girls." Eight-year-old Zuzanna draws a monster that comes alive, turns out to be benevolent, and leads her into a mad world without rules, which arises and changes as she draws. The action is dynamic and full of twists in an atmosphere of fun, full of word play and jokes containing allusions to real-life events, an amusedly grotesque tone, unusual characters-and finally the character of the little girl herself, a little tearaway with a tender heart. The result is a fine, original book that stimulates the imagination and rewards careful reading. Winner of the 1995 Kornel Makuszynski Literary Prize; the illustrator Jolanta Marcolla won the 1995 IBBY Polish Section Book of the Year Award.