Green Wanderer, The

Liliana Bardijewska
Green Wanderer, The
  • Agencja Edytorska "Ezop"
    Warsaw 2000
    © text Liliana Bardijewska
    © illustrations Adam Kilian
    205 x 235
    64 pages
    ISBN 83-900153-9-0

The Green Wanderer, which has been written for the youngest readers, is a poetic fairy-tale about friendship and the need for dreams. Its green hero, an inhabitant of grey Monsterland, begins a search for the green river, in order to observe himself in the reflection of its water. In the course of his unusual wanderings he makes the acquaintance of the intrepid snail Sky-blue, the wilful zephyr Cynobra, the unhappy bird Carmine, a philophical bear and the suspicious green porcupine. When, after many adventures, he eventually finds the green river, he is suddenly overcome by a longing for his grey home, and he returns there by way of the rainbow bridge.