Great Changes in the Big Forest

Grażyna Ruszewska
Great Changes in the Big Forest
  • Illustrated by Piotr Fąfrowicz
    Graphic design by Grażka Lange
    ISBN: 83-920384-4-4
    64 pages
    215 x 256

Three beautifully illustrated short stories about forest animals, with a philosophical subtext. Mr Ladybird longs for success. He wants to change his life and adopts a new image, only to discover that even without going to all this trouble he is a true hero in the eyes of the loving Mrs Ladybird. Mr Hare is cowardly, but a change occurs in his timid heart on the day he overcomes his fear and goes to help the child of his greatest enemy. Mr Hedgehog is a tedious drag who bears a grudge against his neighbours for making unsuitable jokes and having noisy fun. But one day he too changes his ways when he goes to a forest fête… These charming little stories with an attractive graphic design and superb typography are a successful example of excellent editorial work.

First prize for graphic design in the IBBY literary competition 2006