My First World Atlas

Ewa Kozyra-Pawlak and Paweł Pawlak
My First World Atlas
  • Words by Maria Deskur
    Graphic design by Dorota Nowacka
    16 pages
    233 x 300
    ISBN 978-83-7608-180-9
    Age 4+

In cooperation with the Wrocław-based husband-and-wife team Ewa and Paweł Pawlak, publisher LektorKlett has produced yet another highly successful book. Paweł Pawlak has done the painting, and Ewa Kozyra-Pawlak has stitched rag-doll images of people who live on all continents (atypically, Volodya has gone to live in Anatarctica, because “scientists are the only people who live in Antarctica”). Thus we can set off on a journey to all corners of the globe, and bring home from each one a visual memento and a handful of curious facts about what you can see there. Of course it is still worth deepening this knowledge by reading more serious publications, but on the pages of the First Atlas children will find plenty of inspiration for their own creative and investigative research. Here they get a mere hint of what animals, customs and landscapes are associated with each individual continent. The map of the world sewn by Ewa Pawlak is a complete masterpiece – in graphic shorthand it shows all the continents and their inhabitants – including famous people (such as a disarmingly realistic Emperor Akihito). As well as the people there are animals, e.g. three penguins on the boundless snows of Antarctica.
The book as a whole is pleasant to handle. The textile pages make it safe to entrust to even the smallest children. The younger ones can study it seriously or for fun, and so can their older siblings. It also features colourful typography by Dorota Nowacka.

Distinction for illustrations 2009