Little Foxes, The

Justyna Bargielska
Little Foxes, The
  • Czarne
    Wołowiec 2013
    ISBN 978-83-7536-505-4
    112 pages

Two women live on a suburban estate consisting of very large houses: one is Agnieszka, a single academic and ardent feminist, and the other is Magda, who is keen on family life and is realizing her ideals by having babies. Meanwhile, there’s a knife-wielding bandit called Pajda hiding in the nearby woods, with whom each of our heroines has a peculiar love affair – at different times and in different circumstances, but because of similar needs.

There are also lots of secondary characters including: Kula, whose two-year-old twin daughters were killed in a car crash, but in the very large house no one believes they ever existed; Renata the hairdresser who, unable to fall pregnant, communicates with the spirit of a client’s dead daughter; the ideal blonde couple, to whom after ten years of blissful life together a terminally ill child is born. And so on.

The framing device for these events is the search for one of the residents of the very large house, who goes missing along with the first snowfall, but is then found along with the last snowfall as a frozen corpse, on a little roof above the swimming pool. When the notice posted in the stairwell saying that the tenant has gone missing is replaced by the announcement of his death, the romance is at an end too – for Magda, Agnieszka, and Pajda.

How is one to live, when evil is close at hand and God is far away? When the way of life which we were prepared to pay for in blood (“Nivea or death!”) turns out to be as boring as any other? When as we take our daily walk with the dog in the woods, we cannot be sure who we will be on the way home, or whether we will get home at all? Don’t expect this book to come up with the answers...

Kazimiera Szczuka