The ©POLAND Translation Program

The ©POLAND Translation Program is designed for the use of foreign publishers.
The purpose of the program is to support the translation and publication of Polish literature in other languages.

Genres supported
•    fiction and poetry
•    broadly conceived humanities (with particular emphasis on Polish history and culture)
•    literature for children and young adults
•    non-fiction (literary reportage, biography, memoirs, essays)

The program may cover
1.    up to 100 % of the translation cost
2.    up to 100 % of the cost of the acquisition of rights
3.    up to 50% of the printing costs – only in the case of children’s picture books, comic books and graphic novels

Attention: There are formal changes being inplemented in the ©PTP. New deadlines will be announced soon.

Contact: Ewa Wojciechowska