Sample Translations ©POLAND

The aim of the program Sample Translations ©POLAND, addressed to translators of Polish literature, is to promote Polish literature abroad through encouraging translators to present Polish books to foreign publishers.

The program's regulations are:

  • Financing is given for 20 pages of a translation (1,800 characters per page)
  • The translator hands in an application, enclosing:

a) the motivation for choosing the applicable book
b) the plan of action
c) his/her bibliography
d) information concerning the translation costs (gross)

  • The rates applied by the Book Institute are the average current rates in the country where the translator lives
  • The translator will send the Book Institute the translated text a maximum of 30 days after having received information concerning the awarding of a grant
  • The Book Institute will consider forwarded applications as they arise (but will not evaluate the quality of the translation)
  • The Book Institute reserves the right to use the translation in its promotional materials (print, Internet etc.)
  • In the event of the book's publication, the translator is obliged to inform the publisher that the Book Institute expects financial support information to be included within
  • Receiving a grant in no way influences the decision to finance translations in the framework of the ©POLAND TRANSLATION PROGRAM
  • 6 months after the awarding of the grant, the Book Institute may ask for information regarding the translator's activities to have the book published - the translator will be exempt from future grant applications should he/she refuse to answer this request
  • If the translator applies for more than one grant, he/she is obliged to inform the Book Institute as to the order of the applications' importance

Conditions for participation in the program:

  • The translator must have published a minimum of three translations in book form prior to having made an application
  • It must be the first translation of the book into the given language, and the sample must not have been anywhere previously published
  • The book must be a work of literature or essays, or a Polish humanist work from the past or present (with particular consideration given to books devoted to the history, culture and literature of Poland), or literature for children or young people


  • An initial declaration of interest from a potential publisher
  • The Book Institute may establish in a given year additional preferences concerning a given language area


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