Queen of the Birds

Zofia Beszczyńska
Queen of the Birds
  • Akapit Press
    Łódź 2014
    illustrations: Aleksandra Kucharska-Cybuch
    135 × 204 mm
    72 pages
    ISBN: 978-8364379-08-6

Young people on the threshold of adulthood, behind them childhood, and before them the uneasy time of growing up, new fascinations, anxiety-provoking experiences, discovering the secrets of the human body. Zofia Beszczyńska tells about the metamorphosis in Mark’s and Marta’s lives in a way surprisingly different from other psychological novels of manners for young adults. The realistic thread of this prose is interwoven with dreamlike visions; the author evokes fairy tale motifs, surrealist painting, cultural artefacts. She builds poetic pictures of great beauty, using metaphor and understatement, creating a sensual world on the border of dream and consciouness, fantasy and reality. A reading for those who appreciate a book’s unique atmosphere and a writer’s expressive style.

- Irena Bolek-Wiącek, PS IBBY

Book of the year 2015 Literary Distinction