Andrzej Stasiuk
  • Czarne
    Wołowiec, I 1997, IV 2008
    150 pages
    ISBN: 83-87391-05-0

Dukla returns to landscapes and snapshots of the life of the inhabitants of towns and villages in the Beskidy mountains. The triumph of the will to touch reality through description (here, Stasiuk is a true master) coexists with a desire for a world of pure emotions and epiphanies, a bit like the paradise of childhood and a bit like the world of simple emotions chosen by the author and therefore slightly idealized - all the more easily, the farther they are from urban stress.

"This new collection of Stasiuk's artistic prose is created from the nature of imagination and the garbage heap of civilization. Before I began reading it, I never supposed that it was possible to paint with prose in this way. It is well considered, and I know no more accurate or stunning metaphors in prose."

- Henryk Grynberg in Tygodnik Powszechny