Got It

Dawid Bieńkowski
  • Wydawnictwo Agawa
    Warszawa 2001
    123 x 195
    265 pages
    ISBN 83-85571-23-X

Dawid Bieńkowski's debut as a novelist is, according to a critic, "an image of the generation which matured in the years of Solidarity and Martial Law, fascinating for its sincerity and courage. Just before their school-leaving exam, the pupils of a Warsaw grammar school experience freedom, love, alcohol, and politics for the first time. The last-mentioned is not as important for them as the everyday pain of growing up and wine drunk straight from the bottle. But politics still ensnares them, revealing a tragic and senseless aspect of life. You could say it was the old Polish story - but the most recent one, too."

"This is not a sob-story novel about the police baddies and the school kids who are the goodies, or in other words about the struggle of the young people of Poland against the red regime. It's a book about the generation of those who were denied the chance of tasting happiness and fulfilment in the beautiful and free Poland of their dreams." (Michal Wojcik)