Night Route

Jerzy Sosnowski
Night Route
  • W.A.B.
    Warszawa 2002
    123 x 195
    264 pages
    ISBN 83-88221-88-4

This is a collection of short fantastic stories that were inspired by dreams. What disturbs the nights of the contemporary Pole these days? To what extent can real events be understood from the impressions they leave behind in dreams? Or perhaps dreams tell us something more; perhaps they are a means of understanding a reality more real than our own? This book aims to answer these questions. On the one hand – as the subtitle suggests – it is a collection of separate, individual stories, some bordering on the conventions of the horror genre. At the same time it is, indirectly, a novel that has been ‘turned inside out’, since it relates what a novel normally leaves out – the dreams of the hero. The ‘daytime route’ of events from his life, which would usually be the plot of the novel, on the other hand, is left to the reader’s imagination. Night Route seeks to blur the boundaries between traditional fantasy, horror and contemporary moral tales, and is full of stories with surprising twists.