That Summer in Zawrocie

Hanna Kowalewska
That Summer in Zawrocie
  • Zysk i S-ka
    Poznań 1998
    125 x 195
    224 pages
    ISBN: 83-7150-353-9

That Summer in Zawrocie is a novel about a journey into an unknown family past full of mysteries. The main heroine, Matylda, living in an urban block of flats, receives, one day, in inheritance from her grandmother, Aleksandra, a house in the provinces. The old house draws Matylda into its strange, intriguing affairs, entangles in family arrangements. As she gets to know the complex relations between the people connected with the house's history in Zawrocie, the heroine changes herself and starts to look at herself and life differently. This is a novel rich in terms of language, poetic, suggestive in mood, full of aptly caught and subtly sketched observations - it is one of the best written books of recent years.