Children of the Northern Lights

Anna Onichimowska
Children of the Northern Lights
  • Illustrations Małgorzata Bieńkowska
    Warszawa: Jacek Santorski & Co. 1998
    108 pages
    ISBN 83-86821-64-7
    © by Anna Onichimowska i Tom Paxal

Co-authored with the Finnish writer Tom Paxal, this fantastic novel is inspired by the imaginative world and customs of the Scandinavian Far North. The protagonists are little Lapp children and their friend, a semi-magical reindeer. This is Onichimowska's writing at its best. Reality is interwoven with magic and myth, and even time-especially in connection with the special period of Christmas-loses its linear character. In the end, what the children experience in the real world seems less significant than the domain of dreeams, fantasy, and emotions. The book benefits from subtle, witty illustrations by Malgorzata Bienkowska.