Uncountable Sheep, The

Martyna Skibińska
Uncountable Sheep, The
  • Illustrations Joanna Olech i Justyna Wróblewska
    Warszawa 2005

A simple rhyming bedtime book. The young reader counts sheep to say goodnight. Each of them has a different character and different features. There’s an unpunctual sheep, a butterfingers sheep, a mischievous sheep, a four-eyes sheep and a scatterbrained sheep. The last one is, of course, a sleepy sheep. Simply and sketchily drawn, the sheep have different temperaments and natures – just like the children at whom the book is aimed. The layout is well thought out and readable. This inexpensive, modest little book could also be used for colouring in. It came second in a poll by the children’s jury for the most beautifully illustrated book.