Zealous Zero at the Zenith

Maria Ekier
Zealous Zero at the Zenith
  • illustrations and graphic design: Maria Ekier
    Hokus-Pokus, Warsaw 2014
    180 x 180 mm
    56 pp
    ISBN: 978-83-60402-66-5

Among a very wide range of ABC books, here we have an absolute gem. Maria Ekier has produced a comprehensive masterpiece, demonstrating her artistry on many levels: the conceptual, design, literary, artistic and typographical. Her illustrations of the original characters who appear in these limericks – sometimes quite seriously, sometimes absurdly – give expression to their faces, nature, emotional state, temperament, physical traits and attributes. Sweeping brush strokes, restrained pencil lines, playing with patches of colour and irregular shapes, or carefully composed, precise physical features all contribute to Ekier’s extraordinary talent for knowing and exploring various means of artistic expression. The original typeface testifies to her independence, giving her work the mark of perfection. The square shape of this artistic publication is ideally suited to its original vision.